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 Helpful hints for putting:
Did you know that regardless of the skill level of each golfer, 50% of all golf strokes occur within 50 yards of the hole?  And of those strokes, approximately 75% of them are putts?  Dynamic Performance GOLF & THE EDGE on GOLF would like to help you become a better putter and thus, lower your scores.  Many golfers believe that you have to practice copious hours to become an effective putter.  We politely disagree.  What we need to do is spend time practicing skills that will truly benefit us and forget about those things that have little or no value. We have found that all great putters have had a few fundamental principles in common.  Additionally, each of these great putters have also had a number of preferences unique to them, preferences that most likely will have little value to you.  If you want to improve your putting performance follow these simple fundamental tips: ​

1. Grip.  The way you elect to hold the putter is unique to each golfer.  The key thing with grip is whether it allows you to deliver the putter face in a square position at impact.  Regardless of how you choose to hold the putter, a light grip pressure will enhance your feel for distance.

2. Alignment and aim.  You can improve your aiming ability by extending your index finger of your dominant hand down the shaft in a square position relative the line of putt during the aiming process, then simply fold it into position when done aiming.  This permits you the opportunity to square the palm to the intended line, thus improving your directional control.  Also, placing your dominant eye 2 to 21/2 inches behind the ball will improve your visual acuity. 

​3. Practice distance control.  The majority of three putts (or worse) come from poor distance control.  Think about how often you misread a putt by 3+ feet.  However, many golfers miss there distance by this number or more on a regular basis.

4. Visualization. Did you know that the mind does not differentiate real and imagined?  It's true, taking the time to see a good putt often results in a good putt.  Each of us has had the experience of making a putt after seeing this magical line occur on the putting surface, then stroking the ball down the line and sinking the putt.  Right?

5. Pendulum motion with neutral acceleration is critical to rolling the ball effectively.

6. Compartmentalize your thinking. A). Read the putt and commit to your read. B). Aim to your intended line (the line your saw in your minds eye). C). Stoke for distance.  Commit to each one of these three components one at a time and think only of the pendulum motion for that specific distance during the actual stroke.

Follow these simple tips and we are sure you will see your putting game improve.  If you need more help with you putting or any part of your game, please do not hesitate to call us for assistance (831-325-7133 or 408-843-7056) or e-mail us at tom@dpgolf.net or tom@theedgeongolf.com.