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TPI Golf Specific Fitness Assessment:
Gary Player pioneered the concept of physical conditioning and it's importance to overall golf performance. Lately, Annika and Tiger have both been instrumental in changing the landscape of competitive golf.  Their commitment to a golf specific exercise and stretching program along with proper swing training resulted in machine like consistency and performance. Today, all touring professionals who wish to be relevant prescribe to a golf specific fitness routine to improve their swing performance and in general their quality of life.
Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf specific assessment is conducted by one of our TPI certified professionals.  The assessment determines what if any physical limitations exist and how they will effect your golf swing and ultimately your on-course performance. We will evaluate your shoulder and hip rotation, hip stability, core stability and spinal rotation. Our staff will then prescribe a golf specific exercise and stretching program designed to produce improvements in areas of weakness. Through our efforts in this area, we can improve the bodies physical ability to maximize peak performance within the golf swing; resulting in  improved kinematic sequence, consistency and distance. Additionally, improving ones range of motion, stability, strength and swing mechanics will promote less physical wear and tear on the body and the possibility of promoting a more pain free golf swing. 

Please contact Barbara Blackburn @ Fitedge.net for more details.
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