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Junior, Junior High & High School Programs:
Dynamic Performance GOLF & THE EDGE on GOLF offer a variety of Junior, Junior High & High School golf performance programs designed specifically toward junior golf player development.  Areas of focus include:
  • Introductory Junior Schools (Seascape G.C. location only) 
  •  Pre-swing Fundamentals
  • Technical Swing Development
          * Full Swing
          * Short game
          * Putting & green reading
  • Mind Performance Fundamentals
  • Golf Specific Fitness Development  
Swing Development (both locations):
Pre-swing Fundamentals:
As with all Dynamic Performance GOLF & THE EDGE on GOLF programs, the Junior/High School Program is education based and performance driven. Did you know that 95% of bad golf swings occur because of bad set-up? It's true that golfers with proper pre-swing fundamentals play better golf. Our young adult golfers are introduced to a consistent pre-swing  and set-up routine which will promote more consistency, distance and on-course performance. 
​The best golfers in the world, regardless of which era they played relied on solid pre-shot fundamentals.

Pre-swing Seminar/Lesson - $100 individually or $50 per participant in groups of two or more.
Technical Swing Development:
Our Junior/ High & High School Program utilizes private, one-on-one instruction to provide each participant a custom designed program which will promote solid swing mechanics and consistent on-course performance. Computerized swing development software and technology is utilized to maximize student learning outcome.
Computer Swing Analysis:
Just like the Touring Professional, this one and one-half hour assessment includes a player interview, video recording and the use of computerized swing analysis software. Additionally, the golf professional will perform an evaluation of the players current golf equipment. (not to be confused with a comprehensive club fitting).  Following  this process the golf professional will e-mail a video review of the lesson complete with voice over instruction to further enhance your learning experience. Additionally, the golf professional will prescribe a course of action which would best assist you in maximizing  your golf game.
Private Lessons (Full Swing & Short Game):
Private lessons are available following completion of the Computer Swing Analysis and/or the Pre-Swing Seminar.  Private sessions allow us to customize the teaching process to maximize each students learning curve and swing development. This process will continue to utilize computer swing development technology and all lessons will include an e-mailed lesson review complete with voice over instructions to further enhance your learning experience.
30 minute lesson fee schedule:
     Single @ $40
     Series of 3 @ $120
     Series of 5 @ $195
     Series of 10 @ $375
On-Course Evaluation:
This 9 hole on-course process will take place @ Seascape Golf Club and will involve evaluating short game technique, putting mechanics and green reading skill assessment as well as on-course strategy, decision making and mental performance. The golf professional can then implement on-course training strategies and continued swing development lessons (full swing and short game) or mental performance training to strengthen on-course performance.
$150.00 (includes 9 hole golf and cart fees).  When done with 2 or more, $100 each.
The Mental Side of Golf (Mental Performance):
Mr. Jack Nicklaus once said that "90% of golf is mental". Today, most sports psychologists would tell you that number has been adjusted slightly, suggesting that sport is 80% mental. Let us help you train your "inner golf competitor", permitting you to maximize your competitive potential.  Specific sports enhancement techniques and drills will be covered. Find out how attitude, motivation, goal setting, self talk, mental imagery, anxiety, emotions and concentration effect your on-course performance. 
Three Lesson Series: $195 individually or $100 per participant in groups of two or more (please contact Tom Braun for large group pricing).
Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Specific Fitness Assessment: 
Annika and Tiger have both been instrumental in changing the landscape of competitive golf. Their commitment to golf specific exercise, stretching programs, nutrition along with proper swing training resulted in machine like consistency and performance. Today, all competitive golfers who wish to be relevant prescribe to a golf specific fitness routine to improve their swing performance and in general their quality of life.  
Our TPI golf specific assessment is conducted by one of our TPI certified professionals. The assessment determines what if any physical limitations exist and how they will effect your golf swing and ultimately your on-course performance. We will evaluate your shoulder and hip rotation, hip stability, core stability and spinal rotation. Our staff will then prescribe a golf specific exercise and stretching program designed to produce improvements in areas of weakness. Through our efforts in this area, we can improve the bodies physical ability to maximize peak performance within the golf swing; resulting in improved kinematic sequence, consistency and distance. Additionally, iimproving ones range of motion, stability, strength and swing mechanics will promote less physical wear and tear on the body and possibility promote a more pain free golf swing. 
Specific Golf Fitness Training:
Following the Golf Specific Fitness Assessment, the TPI certified professional can design an individualized fitness program to address physical limitations that currently inhibit maximum golf performance. Areas such as shoulder and hip rotation, hip and core stability and spinal rotation can be developed; thus permitting you to perform with more consistency, distance and accuracy.
Please contact Barbara Blackburn @ fitedge.net for pricing.
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Introductory Junior Schools (Seascape G.C. location)
Dynamic Performance GOLF and Seascape GC offer an introductory Junior Golf School for junior golfers beginning at age 6. Schools are taught in levels much like the martial arts and have a junior to teacher ratio of 4:1. Levels range from 1 (beginner) to 6 (advanced). Each level requires students to master a set of motions and positions.  Each step up the level ladder requires more precision, detailed movements and better self dicipline and self control.
Levels are taught in four 1 hour sessions offered within a flexible, self paced schedule to fit each junior golfer's unique summer schedule. Each individual level requires the completion of three 1 hour full swing classes as well as one 1 hour short game class.  During the third of three full swing classes (per level) juniors will complete a skill related challenge appropriate to their particular level.  Once passing this skills challenge, juniors are eligible to move up to the next level. 
Level One:  Appropriate for brand new junior golfers from ages 6-9.
Level Two:  Appropriate for juniors who are ages 8-11 and have been introduced to golf by an adult or have completed a minimum of two clinics offered through the SCCJGA. All junior golfers completing level one (DP GOLF) are eligible for level two.
Level Three:  Appropriate for juniors who are ages 9-13 and have been introduced to golf by an adult or have completed three or more clinics offered through the SCCJGA.  All juniors who have successfully completed level two (DP GOLF) are eligible for level three.
Tuition @ $75 (per level)
Levels 4-6 are taught in a Half-Day Junior Golf Camp format and are appropriate for junior golfers who have completed levels 1-3 or have tested to level three completion competency.  These golfers have knowledge of rules, etiquette, safety and pace of play.  Additionally, they have developed golfing skills necessary to play on regulation golf courses under the supervision of the golf course "player assist" program.   These half day camps are designed to accelerate a junior golfer's all around golf skills.
These camps are taught Monday through Thursday with driving range instruction beginning at 1:00 PM.  At approximately 2:15 PM., junior golfers will proceed to the golf course for 9 holes of on-course instruction (4:1 junior to teacher ratio).
​Camp Schedule: Two offerings for 2015 - July 20, 21, 22 & 23 @ 1:00PM and August 17, 18, 19 & 20 @ 1:00PM.
Tuition $195 (per camp)
Level One:  Tuesday's @ 9AM and Saturday's @ 1PM.
Level Two:  Tuesday's @ 10AM and Saturday's @ 2PM.
Level Three:  Tuesday's @ 11AM and Saturday's @ 3PM.