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Each and every golfer has a unique and individual swing DNA. It is important to understand that mass produced clubs fit 10% of the golfing population. That means that if you purchased a stock or standard set of golf clubs, you have a 1 in 10 chance that they can benefit your game and/or performance. Statistics show that regardless of the players skill level, every golfer can benefit from custom fit golf equipment. Having the right equipment leads to more consistent play and lower scores. Get fit today and discover how much fun golf can be when you maximize your playing performance and potential!

Many golfers are under the impression that custom fit golf equipment is too expensive. The truth is that custom fit golf clubs do not cost a penny more than off the rack stock golf clubs. Even the fit is complimentary when purchasing your clubs from THE EDGE on GOLF.

PGA Golf Professional, Tom Braun is considered by his peers as a "Master Club Fitter and Exceptional Teacher". Together as you become expertly fit we will identify your unique swing DNA, then permitting us the opportunity to build for you the perfect set of golf clubs. Golf clubs that will maximize your playing performance and potential!
 Custom Club Fitting:
THE EDGE on GOLF proudly features Ping and Mizuno golf products. These golf industry leaders have pioneered and refined the science of custom club fitting and have achieved the highest quality control standards in the industry. Discover what make and model can offer you the best opportunity to take your game to the next level!
Ping-Play your Best...

Considered the most highly engineered cast clubs on the planet!

The world's finest forged irons are now engineered to provide the level of game improvement desired along with the exceptional feel that can only be produced by "grain flow forging"!
Dynamic Performance Club Fitting (featuring PING, Mizuno,TaylorMade and SeeMore  (the finest in custom  fit performance):

          Tom is considered by his peers to be a Master Club Fitter. He will evaluate your exact club specifications and assist you in the decision making process based on individual needs and budget.

Iron fit @ $100,  Driver/wood fit @ $100 and Putter fit @ $50.

Fitting fees are waived when clubs are purchased through The EDGE on Golf! 

All club fitting services are complementary when club purchases are made through THE EDGE on GOLF! 

Experience what custom fit clubs can do to maximize your playing performance and potential!

Get fit today and play better tomorrow!
Engineered to take your game to the next level. Discover what "speed pocket technology" can do for you! 
SeeMore Putters
      Get cutom fit and simply putt         your best!